Welcome! We created a Bot for Cover Letters

Getting Started is the Hardest

Getting started writing a cover letter is often the hardest part. It sure was for us. In the past, I would read through books of compiled samples of cover letters, hoping to find an example that I could use to model my own cover letter after.

A Template to Kick Start the Process

This bot flips that whole process around and starts off by asking basic questions about the job opportunity and about you and then automatically constructs a sample cover letter for you. The hope is that this will be enough to get an example in your hands that you can customize / edit and tailor for yourself.

Using the bot is CRAZY EASY, below is the chat window, it works just like any other chat, start off the process by typing the word 'start' (no quotes) and it'll walk you through a series of questions and then deliver a custom cover letter for your review. Give it a spin and let us know what you think!

  • Welcome to the Cover Letter Bot! Type the word 'start', no quotes, to begin